[VTEN] Beta 2 Firmware 01-05-170125-25-POP (25.01.2017)
Release Date: 25 Jan 2017

Firmware version: 01-05-170125-25-POP-427-802

Firmware Update Steps:
1. Unzip the downloaded file into the root directory of a USB thumb drive
2. Plug the USB thumb drive into USB port of VTEN/VTEN-U
3. Access to Setup->Maintenance in UI
4. Select Firmware Update and press Enter on the "Check For Firmware Update" button
5. If the file v10-update.bin/v10u-update.bin is found in the USB thumb drive, it will prompt for firmware update

Release Notes:
- Fixed RTL8812AU 802.11ac WiFi driver connectivity issue and wifi ntp issue
- Added support on ASS/SSA rotation (frx, fry, frz) and text shearing (fax, fay) effects
- Fixed unable to detect .fon MKV embedded font extension issue
- Fixed some subtitle text display incorrect font issue
- Fixed APE file version less than 3.93 may encounter crash issue
- Added support for external SUP on AVI and MP4 issue
- Fixed certain DVD VOB file failed to start playback issue
- Fixed some DVD unable to show subtitle issue
- Fixed some DVD only play commentary audio track issue
- Fixed some DVD display wrong aspect ratio when fit to screen issue
- Fixed Netstream (Youtube Leanback) audio out of sync issue
- Fixed Music Home time gadget always show PM issue
- Display subtitle files on filebrowser listing when filter type is set to all 
- Fixed some TV or projector fall into 480p when resume from standby after some times issue (needed forum user to verify as we cannot reproduce here)

Beta 1 Release Notes: ( http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showth...?tid=74101 )
- Added RTL8812AU 802.11ac WiFi driver
- Fixed certain DVD playback encounter crash when select sub menu issue
- Fixed DVD encounter crash when language name is not found issue
- Fixed some DVD will stuck at black screen issue
- Fixed unable to play ANSI encoded M3U playlist issue
- Fixed unable to start M3U and PLS playback with play button issue
- Fixed unable to detect some GB18030 ANSI encoded file issue
- Added support for external SUP subtitle on MKV, M2TS, SSIF, BDLITE
- Added support for SSA style xshad and yshad
- Fixed some SRT entry has only empty line will display timestamp as subtitle text issue
- Fixed music cover art not shown when focus the file for FOLDER.jpg and Folder.jpg issue
- Fixed Youtue Leanback unable to start playback issue
Anzeige: JVC-X35 zu 105" Leinwand
NMT: A-500, A-500 Pro
Sound: Pioneer 921-> Klipsch RF 82 | RC 62II | RW-12D | RB 61
Blu-ray: Pioneer BDP-450 mit CFW: (3D) BDs mit vollem Menü via LAN Smile
Speicher: Qnap TS-453A

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