[A-400 & A-410] Beta 2 Firmware 05-08-160616-25-POP (16.06.2016)
Release Date: 16 June 2016

Firmware version: 05-08-160616-25-POP-422-802

Firmware version: 05-08-160616-25-POP-425-802

Firmware Update Steps:
1. Unzip the downloaded file into the root directory of a USB thumb drive
2. Plug the USB thumb drive into USB port of A400/A-410/A-410U
3. Access to Setup->Maintenance in UI
4. Select Firmware Update and press Enter on the "Check For Firmware Update" button
5. If the file a400-update.bin/a410-update.bin/a410u-update.bin is found in the USB thumb drive, it will prompt for firmware update

Release Notes:
- Fixed SSA/ASS has vertical top alignment overlapped timestamp causing crash issue
- Fixed position tag in SRT unable to show properly in full-scale OSD
- Fixed color tag in SRT unable to take effect issue
- Fixed SSA/ASS position is not relative to video frame aspect ratio issue
- Fixed SRT with SSA position tag (0,0) causing crash issue
- Fixed some video clips with no audio stream keep trigger rebuffering issue
- Fixed some vobsub rendering problem
- Fixed some TrueHD MKV file passthrough no sound issue
- Added audio sampling info
- Fixed PGS with fading effect unable to display properly issue
- Added LAME Padding handling for MP3 seamless playback
- Fixed now playing Lyrics panel rendering issues
- Added ID3 Year tag and sampling rate info into get_current_aod_info API
- Changed now playing artist, album, genre and audio resolution label to icon display
- Fixed SACD ISO with upper case extension (ISO) unable to start playback issue
- Fixed some FLAC causing static sound and skip during gapless playback transition issue
- Fixed some MPEG AVI playback has no video display issue
- Added FLAC and DSD MIME type for UPNP renderer

Beta 1 Release Notes: ( http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showth...?tid=73426 )
- Reduced playback starting time
- Added UTF16 support for SMI subtitle
- Added subtitle style support for SSA or ASS subtitle
- Improved all the text base subtitle rendering quality
- Fixed in SRT subs the bold tag sets all consecutive text to bold issue
- Fixed UTF16 text subtitle sometimes dropping issue
- Fixed big gap between subtitle italic style text characters
- Fixed sometimes text subtitle missing or crash after trick mode issue
- Hide color, fontsize and position setting sub-menu, except for SRT, SMI, SUB
- Fixed some MKV embedded text subtitle with zlib compression unable to show correctly issue
- Fixed MKV PGS subtitle random dropping or missing issue
- Fixed MKV PGS subtitle display with wrong color palette issue (Avatar)
- Fixed some external SUBIDX may cause random crash issue
- Fixed SUBIDX with two or more languages or index encounter random crashing issue
- Improved the performance of DSD and SACD playback
- Added support for gapless DSD playback.
- Improved DSF and DFF (DSD) files NMJ scanning speed
- Added Composer and Duration info in scanning for DSF and DFF
- Fixed DSF file larger than 2GB (stored in NTFS or EXT3 storage) unable to retrieve ID3 info issue
- Fixed some DFF files detection issue
- Fixed DSF channels mixed up issues
- Fixed SACD seeking wrong position issue
- Fixed SACD unable to repeat playback issue
- Fixed unable to play SACD when select play now on Add To Queue popup box issue
- Fixed certain APE file playback cause framework crash due to big tag size issue
- Fixed M4A and WMA randomly causing crash issue
- Added audio info display box in screen saver when changing song
- Fixed EUC-KR encoding in Now Playing issue
- Enhanced the Now Playing song listing UI
- Fixed Track Artist and Album Artist scanning issue
- Fixed BDLITE menu chapter section have no indicator issue
- Show audio title and language together on MKV menu
- Fixed UPNP audio playback unable to get metadata info
- Fixed certain AVI and MP4 playback encounter crash issue
- Fixed some MP4 playback no sound issue
- Added NMJ audio and subtitle bookmark handling
- Fixed play next song if select "Add song to Queue(current)" during playback issue
- Fixed unable to copy file to folder created from File Operation (inside NMT HDD, copy through Samba)
- Fixed unable to browse NFS servers without SAMBA Master Browser issue
- Fixed SDHC SD Card mounting issue
- Improved scrolling speed in File Browser
- Enhanced the buffering icon
Anzeige: JVC-X35 zu 105" Leinwand
NMT: A-500, A-500 Pro
Sound: Pioneer 921-> Klipsch RF 82 | RC 62II | RW-12D | RB 61
Blu-ray: Pioneer BDP-450 mit CFW: (3D) BDs mit vollem Menü via LAN Smile
Speicher: Qnap TS-453A

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