A-400 Bugs Infos
Hello here a List of currently issues reported by users, i will not list feature requests here

1.) Class 10 SD Cards don't work
QA: Engineers currently looking at this issue
Werner: seems like cards slower then Clas10 work without issues

2.) 3DBD iso or 3DBD BDMV not able to play smooth over USB and Network
QA: Reported

3.) Networkspeed issue, some user report slow network transfer, were they only get 6MB/sec
QA: currently not able to reproduce, trying with more different setups the next days

4.) mkv with DTS-HD audio issues, the movie doesn't play smooth after around 3minutes the audio starts to stutter, avr shows then dtshd and then no signal and repeat it always
QA: Checking

5.) mkv with idx/sub freeze when first subtitle should show up
QA: Reported

6.) after playing a DVD with DD over Avr and then trying to play mp3 gives just a noise
QA: Reported

7.) when watching a DVD movie just freeze after some time and only reboot will let you play again
QA: Able to playback long hour with Repeat 1 without any trick-mode. Tested on DVD Disc via USB BD ROM and DVD Video TS via USB HDD
Werner: also not able to reproduce watched today 3 DVD's, only issue which i also saw one time was after starting and stoping screen stayed black, but thats fixed internal already, see point 8

8.) after DVD playback and stopping screen stays black, only a reboot fix it
QA: already fixed internal, will be in next firmware

9.) On BD playback user complain when changing audio it takes very long to get audio back
QA: Reported

10.) On BD playback changing chapter sometimes let the player freeze
QA: Known Issue

11.) youtube not watchable with vxp on, you will get flickering
QA: Open

12.) If connected 5 drives (1 internal + 4 USB) only 4 will be available in the menu, if remove internal hdd then all 4 usb drives will show up, if connect 5 usb drives again only 4 will show up
QA: able to reproduce and reported

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