Revamp 2.0 Update
Some suggestions for "TV Show Detail" "view 2".
  • do we really need a "locked"-button for each episode? In my opinion the user don't need to see this option every time. The frontend is to watch movies/series. Not to manage them.
  • The view lists all episodes of the selected season. And it shows "SEASON 1, EPISODE *" for each Episode. I would prefer if each Episode just needs one line. There is ne reason to print "SEASON 1, EPISODE *" eight-times on each page. So there can be displayed about 20 episodes on one page without scrolling.
  • And i think in the upper right corner is enough space to show the episode-picture of the current selected episode.
  • @Jakera: How about this: If you press PLAY the selected Episode starts. If you press ENTER the selected episode gets marked as watched.
  • How about symbols instead of "Loked" and "Watched"? An eye and a lock should do the job. Wink
There should definitely be more space for the plots of the episodes!
Most of them are cropped Sad
Will there be a Revamp 2.0 SD-skin available?
Unfortunately still a wide screen CRT-TV and UMC 1.84 had a SD-skin.

Is an SD-skin available or is this planned?

Thanks for your help!
Did you see this post:
It's working on a CRT, not ideal but it's ok.
A real SD Skin would certainly look better.
Yes, I saw that one quite some time ago already.
I have this working too, but a lot of the actual page is not shown and therefore the resolution is not OK.

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